About Me - Kim McClelland, LCSW
Let Me Be Your Guiding Light to Change

As a therapist, I have always considered myself to be a guide for my clients. I help them explore their lives and discover those things that need to change in order to heal their life and relationships. I am here to guide you along your own personal path to healing and happiness.

I hold a Masterís Degree in Social Wok from Louisiana State University, a Bachelorís Degree in Social Work from Northwestern State University in Louisiana and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have completed advanced training in EMDR and Transactional Analysis.

Prior to starting my private practice, I created and served as the Director of Social Services for the Willis-Knighton Health System; rated in 2007 as one of Americaís best hospitals by U. S. News and World Report. Clinically, I worked with a variety of patients and their families, including such diverse areas as transplant services, neonatal intensive care, dialysis and many other areas. I have also served as a speaker on topics such as stress management, depression, burnout, parenting and other issues.

Most importantly, I am a wife and the mother of three children. I am not just able to understand numerous situations from a professional standpoint, but also from a practical standpoint. My family has endured many heart-rending difficulties and we have survived as both individuals and a family. This, I believe, gives me a unique ability to empathize with you and help you navigate through your problems.

No two people are the same and no two situations are the same. While there may be similarities between your needs and those of another client, you are unique and what helps another client may not help you. Because my clients range in age from 4-years old to 80-years old, I have found it necessary to be conversant in methods that assist different age groups.

The primary therapeutic techniques I use are:

  • Play therapy, which is used primarily for younger children,

  • Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitizing (EMDR), and

  • Transactional Analysis (TA).

    I have been fortunate to study with some of the leaders in marriage therapy (John Gothman), couples therapy (Hendrix) and many other leaders in the therapeutic community. My dedication to clients dictates that I continue to maintain and increase my proficiency in these and other techniques.

    You are faced with a difficult task -- finding the right therapist to help you or a loved one live a better life. Choosing the wrong therapist can cause further damage or, at the very least, slow the healing process. Choosing the right therapist will hasten your journey to a more joyful life. Thatís why it is my policy to honestly determine my clientís needs and critically assess my ability to effectively serve them. If I am not the best choice for you, I will let you know and help you find the right therapist.

    Please, do the very best you can to take care of the most important person in your life -- you. Give me a call and letís spend a few moments discussing your needs. I will be happy to talk with you and together, we can decide if I am the right therapist for you.

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