We offer group therapy in Shreveport to adults, teenagers, and children. The goal of group therapy is like individual therapy; just in a different environment. Not only do you receive feedback and support from the therapist, but also from your peers.

Children’s Groups

Children’s Groups are very effective to treat children with behavioral problems, poor social skills, low self-esteem, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Using therapeutic games with younger children, the goal of our groups is to increase your child’s emotional intelligence. There are five elements of emotional intelligence:

  • Social skills
  • Empathy
  • Identifying feelings
  • Containment of feelings
  • Perseverance

Parental involvement is key to a successful outcome for your child. We will meet regularly the parents of the children in the group to discuss their children’s progress toward their goals. In a group setting, we will explore parenting issues and search for techniques that will work with the children.

Children groups meet weekly for an hour with only six children in a group. The parent meeting is quarterly with each parent having the option to meet individually with the therapist at any time.

Adolescent Groups

Like children’s groups, the main goal of adolescent groups is to enhance your teen’s emotional intelligence. Unlike younger clients, though, teens are more focused on talk therapy than play therapy, although there are times when teens engage in activities appropriate to their age.

Group therapy provides a safe place for adolescents to talk about “everything.” Let’s face it, teens feel there is just about nothing they can discuss with their parents and that robs them of a needed adult perspective. Group offers them a safe place to talk about their concerns and receive feedback from the adult therapist. At the same time, your teen will be challenged by his or her peers when the group detects that she or he is being less than honest with them and himself or making a bad decision.

As with children, parental input is key to successful adolescent therapy and always welcome. When choosing Group please be prepared to give a three -month commitment.

Adult Groups

Adult groups are weekly and run 1.5 hours. Members of the group share problems and issues they are facing. Group is beneficial to deal with low-self-esteem, feeling awkward in social situations or problems with interpersonal relationships. Group therapy also is effective in working through depression, anxiety, and similar emotional challenges. Because there are strict rules governing confidentiality, group therapy provides a safe place for you to overcome the challenges affecting your life. You must be prepared to give at least a three-month commitment to allow time to build the supportive relationships you will gain in group therapy.