Kimberly McClelland, LCSW

You are at the end of your rope; feeling overwhelmed and wanting to run away and hide! Your life is in chaos and you do not know where to turn. To the outside world, everyone sees you as strong and that you have it all together. There are many areas of your life going wrong, maybe it is your job, relationships or children. You and your partner are no longer connecting and/or the school calls telling you of issues with your child. The child you know is struggling but a great kid. Maybe it is nightmares, not sleeping and flashbacks from past traumatic events. Whatever the cause of the chaos, you need help!

I am driven, compassionate, caring and understanding. I will push you when you need it and sit with you when you need support. I have experience both as a therapist and in life issues of my own. As a therapist I have training in several different types of therapy (EMDR and PLAY Therapy to name two) and my clients range from three to eighty-three. I will work with your whole family.

My family and I have experienced heartache and stressful times that we have survived. I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed and in emotional pain. I am not going to judge you but work with you. I would be honored to walk down this journey with you. Call and let’s get working!

I am the owner of Shreveport Therapy and I am striving to create a place where the whole family can come and we can guide our clients thru their pain and into healing.