Patricia Carr, LPC

“We all struggle together” was one of the most powerful messages I was given in a counseling experience from my past. I increasingly became aware, in my own life, that the Walls I thought were so Real at that time were made of my Shame, shame that I needed help at all, that I wasn’t all Perfect and Alright, that I was struggling with what “Should have been” simple. I found that sharing my pain with someone who was devoid of Judgement, had helpful ideas, brainstormed with me in Alliance rather than issue Directives was healing. I aspired to bring that counselor’s expertise to my own practice, and I still hold that this openness is at the heart of healing through talk therapy.

I enjoy connecting with individuals working toward feeling better, living better, and questioning what, exactly, feels so wrong. I do this through the use of positive regard, compassionate listening, cognitive behavior therapy that helps others uncover both helpful and non-helpful thinking, and with children, elements of play therapy that allows them to express feelings they may not have words for.

I have 10 years of experience in working with children, teens, and adults experiencing life challenges varietal as they are. I have assisted others in dealing with Anger, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. I have significant experience working with those with serious mental illness that may include notable mood instability, bipolar symptoms, and the experience of psychosis. I am currently working toward certification in hypnotherapy that I believe can help to Retrain both the body and the brain to lessen automatic stress responses that don’t help!

I would welcome that honor of working with you and to Hear you as You uncover your already brilliant, but not fully recognized genius in the area of living well.